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Planning A Fantastic Day Out With Friends In Petaling Jaya

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With the global pandemic still lingering on, it may have been a while since you have gotten together with your friends and enjoyed spending a day together. If it has been a while since you have done this, it is high time to plan a fantastic day out with your friends that you can all enjoy. Below are some things you may want to do, such as eating the best pizza in PJ, that will help ensure you and your friends have an excellent time together.

Spend The Day At Sunway Lagoon

An excellent way to spend the day with your friends is by visiting Sunway Lagoon and enjoying the many water-based rides this water park has to offer. It is perfect when the weather is hot, and you can go down a slide, see the animals, or float on an inner tube while you relax in the sun. Make sure you take plenty of sun protection with you, and after you have finished, you can go and do something else or get some food together.

Spend Some Time With The Huskies

If you are a dog lover, you may want to spend an hour or two with the huskies, which you and your friends will enjoy. The Huskiss attraction allows you to visit and interact with various Huskey dogs and have fun playing with them. However, if dogs are not your thing, there are other things you can do with your friends.

Go Skating On Ice

You can also go ice skating with your friends and take a trip t the Sunway Pyramid shopping centre. It is another excellent way to cool down when it is hot outside, and if you cannot skate, you can treat yourself to some relatively affordable lessons. However, if ice skating is not something you and your friends want to do, other options are available.

Enjoy Some Karaoke

If you and your friends are more into karaoke than ice skating, there are plenty of options of karaoke venues you can visit. You can enjoy some drinks and delicious food while you take turns belting out your favourite tunes. It is an excellent way to enjoy your time together, and you also get to enjoy some cooling air conditioning while you all have fun.

These are a few ideas of things you can do with your friends when you have not been together for a long time, but more options are available. Whatever you decide to do, it is the company you are with that is important, not where you are or what you do.

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